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You're Not Alone


If you run a small business and feel like you can’t keep up with all the new marketing opportunities you are supposed to embrace, don’t feel alone.

Recent research from two digital marketing services used by thousands of small businesses, reveals that most small business owners feel overwhelmed by the opportunities and believe they are under-performing in their use of them.
Marketing is so challenging for small businesses in 2017 largely because there are so many channels through which to advertise.

In relatively recent memory, marketing for most small businesses meant little more than a listing in the Yellow Pages, radio and TV ads, out-of-home ads, and direct mail.

Now, thanks to the maturation of the Internet and the smartphone revolution, businesses need to be active on traditional channels in addition to major search engines, online directories, multiple social media platforms, email, and more. It can be understandably overwhelming.

NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions
we take the hassle out of digital marketing.
Marketing Managers at mid-size companies have it tough. In many cases, they have limited resources to work with but enterprise-size goals handed down by the CMO or CEO.

Add to the mix how complex marketing has become with social media, mobile, big data, content marketing, UX, CRO etc., and it’s easy to understand how these “stuck in the middle” marketers can struggle to achieve their marketing goals.

In a recent DNN survey, it discovered that well over 70% ​partipated specified that getting the attention of target customers and finding the target audience online was a moderate or major challenge.

At NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions we utilize our multiple InTelligent™ 
targeting platforms to locate, engage and convert the right customer, at the right time, at the right place on the right channel.

Our technology is also equipped with real-time data attribution across all devices and all channels.
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Professional Services

Consumer Brands 

If you are trying to carve out competitive space as a professional services provider, you already know: marketing your services online is not quite like any other type of online marketing.

Whether you offer accounting, legal, brokerage or other professional services, you face unique challenges in the digital environment that you need to overcome in order to be successful.

The good news: you’re not alone.

Other companies and individuals like you face similar challenges, which gives us plenty of pointers on how to be successful online marketers in the professional services industry.

Lack of Positioning
Lack of Referrals
Avoiding Attrition
Finding New Clients

80-90% of all potentail clients review your service long before they ever contact you.

We here at NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions have a multitude of solutions to solve all these challenges and more

Reduce Operational Costs    
Increase Results  

Enterprise-level digital marketers face unique challenges due to their size, budget, expectations and overall marketing goals. But don’t fret!

We have solutions that can solve these everyday issues.
While certain enterprise-level brands think they can effectively market to extremely broad audiences – this strategy is rarely (if ever) successful. Granted, marketing to multiple audiences is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether we invest in unique AI-Driven Solutions or our proprietary technolgy - we have soltuions to eliminate the enormous stress for enterprises.

With our cutting-edge AI capabilities - your life will never be better. 

Take a look on how technology will make your life easier, more profitable and worry-free. At the same time - be the hero to the enterprise and reduce operational costs at the same time.
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