What is the difference between Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Customer Experience (DCX) and why is it important to You?
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Improving the overall customer experience is a top business priority for companies and a main driver behind their digital transformation ambitions, according to a new study from Accenture (NYSE: ACN).     But, the majority of businesses don’t set themselves apart yet from competitors through the digital customer experience they offer. We can do a complete DCX analsys for you to see how  your DCX Stack compares to your overall customer experience goals.
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The broad umbrella of customer experience (CX) can cover anything from traditional customer service  to new digital touchpoints that people use to interact with companies online. Digital customer experience (DCX) focuses on the latter, including both front-end services and back-office process optimization that ultimately benefits customers.

Here at NextGen IMS - we have superior technologies, but great DCX isn't about superior technology - it is about focusing on your customer first, mapping a robust Customer Journey Experience, then matching your DCX strategy with the appropriate DCX technology.
So why is it important to you? Isn't DCX for larger brands? The digital customer experience is far too valuable a resource to neglect. It should be at the forefront of the organization’s sales and marketing strategy and used to mine the valuable insights which all businesses need to fully compete and thrive in the modern market.

According to Forrester analysts , most digital experience platforms focus most of their resources on sales, marketing and commerce while neglecting customer service, retention loyalty and engagement functions, but creating experiences that apply to the entire customer lifecycle is a critical part of business today. Which means more monetization for your company.
  1. Artificial Intelligence CX
    Our AI Marketing Platform is similar to hiring a multitude of data science guru's, creative geniuses, digital strategists and of course, a Customer Experience Expert. Who, BTW - never sleeps.
  2. Interactive Content
    Content that requires the participants’ active engagement -- more than simply reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about
  3. Video Marketing
    Increasingly, consumers are cutting their ties to traditional media and turning to digital video for discovery, entertainment and brand awareness
  4. Virtual Reality Engagement
    Creating a New Level of Engagement with existing and prospective customers, fans and more.....
  5. Interactive Video Marketing
    Social channels have exploded in popularity and importance over the past few years, especially as a viable customer service tool. Guess what channel has become more important than ever? Video.....
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization
    Want to Convert 15% more visits? Tired of driving traffic and not converting? Take a peek at our many CRO tools.
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  1. Intelligent Search Retargeting
    Reduce your Paid Ad Costs by up to 75% Deliver search ads ONLY when the have their credit card in their hand and ready to buy.
  2. Intelligent Chat
    Leverage conversation to convert more visitors into customers. Get industry specific chatbot to answer questions, book appointments and ..
  3. Personalized Mobile Solutions
    Gain superior results and engagement with personalized mobile solutions with our proprietary analytics database...
  4. Social Engagement & Listening
    Acquire, connect and engage your mobile users and Monitors social media conversations about your company, products, and competitors.
  5. Intelligent Content Creatives
    Blogging, Display Ads, Banners, animated video's dynamic forms, live chat
  6. Intelligent Wi-Fi Social
    Monetize your Guest Wi-Fi service with social media connections and real-time engagem
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