Immersive Media
For Sports and Entertainment Industries


The IME is a binary framework which consists
of prebuilt, customizable views and exists sideby-
side with the other SDKs in your application.
• Rapid and easy integration
• Highly customizable & Flexible
• Seamless user experience

The cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture scales elastically to meet your demand, publishing videos quickly and cost-effectively.

• Transcoding and Hosting
• Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
• Auto-scaling Infrastructure

360°/VR media support through the Immersive Media Engine™
We offer a full suite of products and services that will help you define the use of immersive media, determine the value of the medium and develop repeatable, scalable model for using VR and 360 videos in your iPhone and android applications.
Several integration options are available, making deployment of the Immersive Media Engine™ quick and easy whilst providing the maximum control for customizing placements and positions to work best with your interface
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