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Digital campaigns that bear fruit become reality with NextGen's daring idea to bring marketers the powerful technology to gather programmatic ad buying, campaign optimization and management under one roof across multiple digital media channels: Display, Video, Native and Mobile. Ad Opportunities Desktop ​

Benefits of our proprietary Demand Side Platform:

Combining billions of impressions spanning across varied digital advertising formats, our proprietary DSP becomes a winning programmatic solution for marketers, advertising agencies and resellers hunting for Plus Size deals.

Global Reach Our extensive network of demand partners trots the globe in real time, looking for the most relevant ad spaces to meet your campaign goals and generate more ROIs. Enjoy 250 + billion ad impressions per month on a single platform.

NextGen utilizes the power of machine learning to help clients cut the cord to flushing money and start saving up to 30% of marketing budget.

Technology Is The King

When it comes to media buying, we help you taking informed decisions backed up by power of programmatic advertising. NextGen IMS is your trusted ally in the world of digital advertising that deploys its sources to encourage intelligent real-time bidding. We change the digital advertising world on automation with programmatic media buying. Streamline bidding efforts along with DSP and start buying media more efficiently

350 Billion

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How To Use RTB For Targeted Reach Instead Of Retargeting by AdExchanges
"Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.
Today’s column is written by Eric Picard, CEO at Rare Crowds.

I was recently told by an executive in a position to know that 70 to 80% of revenue in the RTB space comes from retargeting. I found that stunning because it basically tells us that the RTB space is incredibly immature. If the vast majority of revenue in the space is retargeting, then nearly all the spending comes from ecommerce companies

That means we have huge upside in this space because ecommerce companies certainly don’t make up anything near the majority of advertising spending.
Nearly 90% of advertising spend “all-up” is done on a targeted reach basis. In other words, the advertiser has come up with an ideal marketing persona (or series of marketing personas – many brands have five to 10 defined marketing personas) and their media plan is designed to reach people matching that persona. Using old-school methods, such as Nielsen or comScore, they find publishers with audiences matching their marketing personas, and that’s where they’ll buy impressions.

The problem is that this is extremely inaccurate, and wastes budget by spreading it across the whole audience that visits this publisher. On one hand, it’s wasteful because it pushes the message on audiences that don’t match campaign goals. On the other hand, it’s OK if there’s some “waste” in media spending because there’s value in getting the message in front of slight target mismatches.

Case in point: I don’t have cable at home. We watch Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix when we consume TV content. But recently, while traveling, I saw a few hours of TV in my hotel each night. I was shocked by the vast number of pharmaceutical ads on broadcast television – especially on the news (which I hardly watch anymore).

Most ads related to conditions I’m not facing today – so in a sense those ads were wasted. But should I ever contract one of those conditions, I’ll likely remember those products exist. Or should one of my close friends or loved ones get stricken with those conditions, I’ll recall that a medication exists and engage in conversation with them.
So yes – this broadcast brand strategy certainly does have some value. As I’ve said before: There’s value in the fact that I know Dodge Ram owners are “RAM Tough.”

On the other hand, we can be much more precise now than in the past — if you can find the data. And if you believe in the methodology that created the data, there are ways to more precisely reach your target personas and target audiences of all flavors.

Find The Right Tools
Using demand-side platforms and social media marketing tools, including the self-service tools within Facebook, it’s now possible to find your target audience in a variety of ways.

You can be very narrow or very broad. You can control exactly which sites on which you’ll reach that audience, or you can simply specify on which sites you don’t want to reach your audience.

For brands that are very particular about running ads only on approved content, there is the white list – a specific list of domains matching against publishers that you specifically approve to run ads on. This does limit scale, but there’s no limit on the size of the white list you can create.
Or if you want, you can use private marketplaces to execute buys only on the sites you specifically negotiate with for access to their audiences over RTB. This has a lot of value for pharma and marketers that are extremely sensitive to running ads on sites that match their brand values.
If you want to specify a tightly targeted user base, one that is so targeted that it limits the audience size to only a few thousand users, you can do that using tools like Facebook’s advertising that lets you specify many different elements and tells you how limited the size of your audience is.

Nearly every company playing in the RTB space has functionality designed to meet the needs of advertisers that want to reach specific audiences, not just retarget people who visited your website or who are existing customers.

There is the potential to reach people you haven’t reached before, find new customers and prospect for them.

The biggest growth sector for RTB this year is clearly going to be brand advertisers and those that use RTB for targeted reach — just like 90% of all media spending.

NextGen's InTelligent™
Digital Advertising Platform consisting of integrated DSP, SSP and RTB Ad Exchange

With Online Advertising Technology Opportunities - our main goal is to utilize all existing channels of user attraction and verticals in one single digital advertising platform.

We offer varied programmatic types of campaign metrics including CPM, CPA, CPC and СPI. NextGen Intelligent brings larger audience on board using different channels like video, display, native and mobile content. Launch a new campaign along with our automated advertising software to stay ahead of the curve!

Machine Learning We have taught our system to analyze auctions big data, thus allowing to minimize campaign optimization efforts and achieve best performing results. Through our proven machine learning algorithms, we provide strong revenue management and advanced traffic pattern detection. Infuse intelligent advertising technology to your sales to streamline marketing campaigns that are second to none!

Automation Utilize the power of real-time bidding (RTB) to drive higher quality leads for brands. Set guesswork aside and manage large amounts of inventory with the help of online advertising platform SmartyAds has built to promote your product. Sit back and watch more traffic pouring in to the website entrusting your business growth to us.

Budget Optimization Spend fewer advertising dollars with SmartyAds programmatic ad-buying attracting more brand loyalists bringing more eyes and ears to your label. It is easier to stay tuned – control and alternate campaign settings with an intelligent advertising technology our company created for you. Simplify marketing efforts of your advertising agency and scale your business along with reliable ally by your side!

Example of one of the reports you will have access to daily.

NextGen Intelligent RTB Targeting Solutions

Precise campaign tune-up

Show your ads to the right people. With our digital advertising solutions, customers get an opportunity to pick the time of the day to display the ads showing them to a group of users who browse on tablet, smartphone, or PC. You can even choose the ads to be seen by the users of particular operating system – iOS, Linux, or Windows.

Let your campaigns appeal to viewers using frequency capping feature that guarantees potential buyers don’t get tired or annoyed seeing your ads. On top of classic targeting, SmartyAds’ negative targeting helps define particular audience which must not be shown the campaign

Particular demographics

With NextGen's Intelligent DSP we empower you to segment the audience and select campaign parameters to address marketing efforts to a particular age group, people with certain annual income, or users that have children etc. Boost your sales and save budget indirectly by going for Internet advertising solutions we have developed for you. Encourage only the accurate users to come on board and browse through your offers by prompting the chosen demographic groups to see your ads. If you are a publisher, secure the sales stream by displaying only those ads appealing to your visitors.

Certain Geography

Our ad solutions allow determining specific location the leads should come from. Tailor your campaigns for a certain country, particular state, or top cities, and decide where to tell the story of your brand. Our team goes above and beyond to specify the reach of your campaign drilling down location targeting settings to as far as zip code levels. We streamline your advertising efforts offering the broadest geo selection to meet your specific marketing goals.


Let us design a profitable retargeting campaign. Explore cross-device online advertising further staying in touch with users that have already been to your website but haven’t bought anything yet. Bring your ads in front of core audience after their first glance at your products. Do not let your potential customers wander away and use retargeting cookie-matching solution of our RTB ecosystem to follow the users all around the Internet. Turn potential customers into happy buyers recapturing their attention with SmartyAds’ advertising solution

Conversion tracking

Keep your eyes peeled and track where your potential clients make their way to after dropping by at your website. NextGen's Intelligent online advertising solutions help you see what happens next: whether a user orders your products, gets the app, or subscribes for news alerts etc.

Define what particular ads turn your promo efforts into cash. Stay informed, compare sales streams, and find the right balance to allocate marketing budgets smarter.

Interaction tracking

NextGen Intelligent Marketing Solutions strives to bring innovative ad solutions that help you measure campaign performance to make them even more compelling. Scoop the insights of quality of engagement with the bounded audience. Select interaction events to track the impact of particular impressions. Secure returns by placing ads in front of a highly specific audience later on and generate more deals by tossing the ideas that simply don’t work for your business.

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Who is Your
Target Audience?
Identifying a target audience of consumers is among the most crucial elements for a new business or a business looking to capture more customers to consider. Without knowing your target market, or whether an audience even exists, you can't realistically expect your business venture to survive.

Business owners who learn how to identify target audiences of consumers stand a better chance of becoming successful and growing. Learning to distinguish between different audiences makes it easier to determine what segments of consumers truly support your business and whether they are going to become more than one-purchase customers.

The Entrepreneur had a helpful article for business owners to help determine who your target audience is. Or you can watch a brief video by entrepreneur ->

For some small and even medium size businesses, this is sometimes a daunting and time consuming tasks. One of the values of becoming one of our partners is that we do this with you and accelerate and optimize your path to revenue. If you want to learn more about our services, contact one of our customer success managers and they will be happy to assist.

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How to determine your target audience self-help video

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