Social Media Marketing

Social Media Audience Targeting
Here’s a taste of ways that we tackle social media:

Strategy Development: We’ll develop a completely customized strategy for your business that will take the guesswork out of social.
Community Management: Although it’s time consuming, the art of social media lives in engagement. We can help you to connect with your community, cultivate relationships, and build loyalty.
Content Creation: Leverage our full suite of creative services for photography, design, and copywriting.
Campaign Development: Product launches, grand openings, rebrands, and more. We can design and execute integrated social media campaigns that tell your story with impact.
Influencer Marketing: Our agency leverages the persuasive voices of influencers that connect your brand to new audiences.
Paid Social: Our expert team of strategists have a complex knowledge of social advertising. We’ll make your media budget go further to achieve your goals.
Social Selling: With a focus on relationship building, we can equip your company’s sales team with strategies, tools, and content to help them achieve their quotas.
Social Diagnostics: An objective analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, of your current state of social, along with a roadmap for success.
Training: We’ll deliver customized training sessions and workshops to help your team become high performers on social media.​
Reputation Management: Consumers have a voice like never before. We’ll design and execute strategies that will help you build credibility and trust online.
​Audience Targeting as a part of social media marketing, has become an important element in today’s online marketing campaigns. Intelligent RTB Targeting Solutions

This newer technique for exposure or re-exposure to those who have already made specific searches has proven to some to be an important and effective way to increase the results of online marketing efforts.

Yet many businesses get less than stellar results, which companies who offer skilled social media marketing services find to be due to the fact that these businesses do not actually understanding how keyword retargeting works.

In order to get the best from any targeting campaign, it is essential to understand the different types of audience targeting. You will notice that most digital marketing providers have just a couple of solutions, we have an entire suite of solutions to meet your needs. NextGen Intelligent Marketing Audience Targeting.

Contact us today and see how we can transform you Social Media Advertising from just getting a few likes and turn your Social Media Marketing efforts into a truly monitize venture.

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Social Media Analytics
Acquire, Connect and Engage
Working with different clients, market categories, or
brands is no longer a problem.
Decrease your marketing spend and boost user lifetime value
Quantum is a full Social Media Analytics solution that allows you to keep track of your social media activity and performance, while enabling benchmarking and comparison against your competitors and industry.

With Quantum, you can see your competitors and audience reaction to their social media content, identify your best performing contents and campaigns, an create automatic reports for sharing within your organization
​Decrease your marketing spend and boost user lifetime value. Enable easy app content sharing, run referral campaigns, connect users and recommend friend-of-friends, create in-app forums and re-engage users with social push notifications. Easy

Get Social today delivers  value  across  multiple  arena  for  marketer’s:

- Improving User Acquisition
- Increased Conversion
- Dramatically increasing User Retention

Their  solution  allows  companies  to  capitalize  on  the  social  capital  of their  brand  and existing  users  in  order  to  drive  qualified,  high  value,  organic users  (back)  to  your product.

Use cases:

- When  a  new  customer  signs  up : a  Get Social  Smart  Link  will  let  them  download  your  app  and configure  it  correctly  in  one  click.

- Create  powerful  promotions  on  social  media  channels  that  drive  users  to (specific content  in)  your  app.

- Encourage  your  most  valuable  users  to  refer  more  people  like  them,  and  reward them  for  success.
Quantum allows you to keep track of your social media activity while enabling
benchmarking and comparison against your competitor’s and
industry. With Quantum, you can see your competitor´s.